Build core strength & improve your flexibility

Benefits of learning the splits

Build Joint Strength and Flexibility

Strengthen your core muscles, eliminate back pain and practice healthy body posture in this six week course.

Build your body Confidence

Learning the split is as much a physical as it is a mental exercise. You will learn to read your body’s signals while pushing your own limits

Fulfill a childhood dream

Every child wishes they could learn to do a full split. Make your dreams come true with this course! We will help you to get there.

Course Features

Results & Gains

How to Get Started

Meet the Expert

Tonya Letunovskaya is a Russian trained rhythmic gymnast and recipient of internationally recognized “Masters of Sports” award.

Tonya spent 15 years training and competing nationally and holds a Master’s Degree in physical education.

Professionally, Tonya was a featured entertainer onboard luxury cruise ships and sailed across 60 countries. Upon arriving in the United States, she has been coaching competitive gymnastics and performing in theatrical productions, corporate events, A-list concerts and festivals since 2014.

Tonya is the owner of the Titans of Pole and Aerial Competition and the WeCirque.


What Can You Achieve in 6 Weeks

What's Included in the Course

Feedback on every assignment

After each class you will submit a video assignment to showcase your progress. You will receive personalized feedback from a Coach. For packages with feedback

Six hours of exclusive video instruction 

Each class contains clear actionable instruction on not only WHAT you need to do but also WHY you need to do it

A judgement-free Community

You’ll be granted access to a facebook group of like-minded, supportive and motivational split students sharing their #splitprogress

Free Split Evaluation

Send a picture of your current split after filling up the contact form and Tonya will provide you feedback & recommendations